Frequently asked questions


Do you use the hair I send?

I guarantee that the hair supplied by you will be the only hair in the resulting piece of jewellery, unless prior arrangements have been made.

If there are any issues with the quantity, length or quality of the hair supplied, I will be in touch to discuss options. For more information, visit our hair preparation page.


How long does it take to receive my jewellery?

Average turnaround is three weeks. Damian will let you know when you should expect your jewellery via email upon receipt of your horsehair. If you have a specific deadline in mind such as a birthday or anniversary, please let Damian know in the notes section during checkout, via email, or simply give him a call. Get in touch.


Do you do engraving?

No, Damian cannot provide engraving services, however jewellery pieces are amenable to engraving if you can find someone locally who can do this for you.


Can you do white or rose gold?

Yes. Some pieces are available in white and rose gold, however these are priced a little differently. Don't hesitate to contact Damian to discuss your specific requirements. Get in touch.

Can I wear my jewellery 24/7?

Yes, Equinelox jewellery is hard wearing and resilient. Like any jewellery, it can be damaged accidentally but it can also be repaired and re-haired if necessary. View our range here.


International Orders?

Damian can and does regularly take orders from other countries than Australia. There are differences in the freight charges and specific requirements for sending hair to him so it can pass Australian quarantine regulations. If you contact Damian directly, he will let you know what you need to do and can determine the freight charges specific to your order. Get in touch.


Are you able to use other hair such as cats, dogs or human?

Yes. Over the years, Damian has used hair from many different sources including dog, cow, lion, giraffe, human, etc. The prime requisite is length; if it is sufficiently long then Damian can work his craft with it.

To learn more, visit our hair preparation page and don't hesitate to get in contact with Damian to discuss your specific requirements. Get in touch.



Do you make other jewellery not currently available in the standard Equinelox range?

Yes, unique designs are available. Contact Damian today to discuss your bespoke piece of jewellery.