Welcome to the new Equinelox website!

The new Equinelox website is up and running! Welcome.

Over the years I have been treated to many stories from Equinelox wearers. Stories of companionship, achievement, love, adventure and happiness. I hope to share some of these stories with you here.

Firstly though, I would like to introduce the horses that are in my life. My wife, Allison and daughter, Kate are keen horse riders and their three ponies are pictured below. Tonk is the "middle child", soft natured and curious. Kate spends a lot of time with him at pony club, events and hacking locally.

Strop is the "old girl" we have had for 20ish years, loyal and loving she is the undisputed alpha. Allison spent many years riding her but Strop is rarely under saddle these days.

Finally, Blazely is Kate's first pony, the "little girl" that loves any attention as she is often left out by the other two.  These three are around me all the time as my workshop extends into the paddock and the back door opens on to it.

Life just wouldn't be the same without them.


Damian Maloney