Parul & Peppy

Equinelox Jewellery is in many different places in the world, including Canada. Parul Sadly lost her best friend Peppy and during the process of ordering and receiving an Equinelox pendant was kind enough to send me a picture of them both and an email describing what they loved to do together.

Parul & Peppy sq.JPG

"Peppy and I had many favorite moments. But I guess, best, we liked grazing in the summer and rolling in the arena in the winter. Cantering fast down the long side of the arena, bathing just to go roll in the dirt after to make a natural fly repellent, and tacking up with a bitless bridle just to hack to a special spot of grass to eat and watch the sunset. He loved his homemade treats, carrot stretches and fresh picked grass, clovers and dandelions. Peppy and I were together for 15 and a half years. He taught me many things and my mission became giving him everything he wanted and the freedom to choose. Although, many people stood in our way and we had to compromise a lot to keep his homes. Unfortunately he passed away at 24 before I could afford a home of our own and give him the life he deserved. Peppy was never equipment, but my life, my mate."


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Damian Maloney