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Equinelox was established as a brand in 2001 by me, Damian Maloney. I had been working for a few years with horsehair as a material for jewellery. At the time, I was fascinated by the mourning jewellery movement in Victorian England, where human hair was used in jewellery as remembrance pieces for loved ones.

Allison, my wife, was and still is a keen horse rider. It struck me that jewellery incorporating horsehair was probably as close to the perfect expression of the relationship, the bond, between a horse and its human as it was possible to get. Fast-forward 16 years, my daughter Kate now also shares a passion for horses and is able to keep them close to her always.

The Equinelox vision

All Equinelox jewellery is designed and handmade by me. I aim to produce beautiful, hardwearing jewellery that is a fitting tribute to the years spent together.

Equinelox jewellery is proudly worn all over Australia and the world, showcasing hair from horses ranging from childhood ponies to Olympic competitors. Each share one common thing; wearers of Equinelox jewellery have all had their lives enriched by the bond they shared.

By blending precious metals with hair from my clients’ horse, I can design a unique memento that perfectly embodies the subtle yet beautiful bond they share together.
— D. Maloney

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