Celebrate the special bond with your horse...

Horse lovers all share a special bond with their horse. Equinelox jewellery is the perfect memento to celebrate this unique relationship.

Sharing a deep connection with a horse is unique, it is life changing. Horses are graceful, glorious, and engaging creatures. There are so many things that are perfect about them; from the way they are put together to the way they move, their fluid bodies and shining coats, the way they smell, their velvet noses and ticklish ears.

Although horses are herd animals, they possess strong individuality. Many of us have been privileged to develop a strong bond with a horse, granting us access to their personality and their unique self. Needless to say, the benefits are mutual.

A passion based on respect and understanding

Horses are simply magnificent. They are beautiful, handsome creatures with attitude and character that enriches our lives.
— D. Maloney

Since the inception of the Equinelox brand in 2001, its creator Damian Maloney has been given windows into numerous very special relationships that his clients and their horses share or have shared.

Damian has the utmost respect for the impact such relationships have on those involved and feels privileged that his jewellery can help express the importance of the bond that is shared.


A deep connection brings equal measures of pleasure and pain, worry and contentment. If you share a bond with your horse, let Equinelox help you celebrate it.