A bond worth cherishing


Uniquely Meaningful

Equinelox invites you to celebrate the bond between your horse and its human with custom jewellery that is subtle, beautiful, uniquely meaningful.

Silversmith Damian Maloney’s Equinelox range blends precious metals with braided tail-hair from your horse for a perfect expression of the personal bond you share.  

Damian also makes individual one-off pieces in consultation with clients who desire special design features. For those who do not wish to supply horsehair, Damian can provide some in the natural colour of your choice.

The strength and durability of horsehair is legendary, but its marriage with silver and gold in jewellery is even more beautiful than I’d ever imagined.
— D. Maloney, Equinelox founder

Looking for a bespoke piece?

Damian would love to create a bespoke piece with hair from your horse.

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